Show – March 27, 2013

Segment 1

The View from Hollywood? The Right wit and humor. Evan Sayet.

Evan Sayet, actor, producer, comedian and author speaks about his latest book: The Kinder Garden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks. Mr. Sayet comments on his 2007 speech at the Heritage Foundation which is considered to date, “the single most viewed video” accumulating ca. 1Million viewers! He considers himself a 9/13 Republican and quips: “first time you think, the last time you are a Democrat..” Jesting aside, he points to the left’s mania of always “siding with evil,”  known for their “pro anti-Israel stand, against freedom of speech, freedom of Religion…” Mr. Sayet comments about David Horowitz’ book, “Rule for Radicals,” which shows how to succeed in defeating your opponents with ridicule and cites Governor Romney’s (and the Right’s) depiction of President Obama as a decent man promoting the wrong policies, while the left portrayed the Governor as “incompetent, who kills people and dogs…”

Segment 2

The View from Hollywood. The Right wit and humor. Evan Sayet.

Evan Sayet, author, comedian and actor speaks with RAR about his “eclectic” career on cable TV which began in the early 80’s, as a “laugh clown, the easiest job ever in the history of the world.” He also wrote and produced well known television programs. As one who grew up during the 60’s and 70’s he gives his perspective on the culture of the times…He has been influenced by Thomas Sowell and Alan Bloom, author of the 80’s book “The Closing of the American Mind,” a serious and devastating critique on education in American universities… He concludes the interview by speaking about his work (a series of books) which are divided in what he labels as 4 laws or  corollaries…the first one, of which he spoke at the Heritage Foundation, is what he calls the “indiscriminateness“…instilled by Academia in young minds…”Very simply, if nothing is to be recognized as better or worse than anything else then success is de facto unjust.”

Segment 3

Book Review. “Currency.” L. Todd Wood.

  1. Todd Wood is a former Air Force Captain, investment banker and acclaimed author. His first novel, “Currency,” is a “historical fiction,” but reveals probable scenarios in the “Bond Market.” His next project is a novel called “Sugar,” which deals with “energy policies.” Mr. Wood brings attention to our current economic problems, calling the “fiscal cliff,” the “Niagara Falls of debt.” For him, “economic weakness leads to military weakness,” and dire straits…

Segment 4

Volkalize. Political Debate on the Net…Jordan Bosstick .

Jordan Bosstick, speaks of her project, “Volkalize” an internet gathering site which is “unaffiliated with any specific ideologies or media outlets.” Ms. Bosstick discusses the future launching of the website, with the intention of “engaging and not polarizing” people in the conversation of politics and culture…