Show – April 9, 2014

Notes April 9, 2014

Segment 1

HealthCare.  Obamacare  (Affordable Care Act). Dr. Elaina George

Dr. Elaina George, a Board certified otolaryngologist, discusses the ramifications of Obamacare or the “Affordable Care Act” on patients and doctors…  Dr. George mentions the latest tendency of “demonizing Doctors,” and gives examples of some of the decisions behind  procedures, “with foremost  consideration,  the wellbeing  of the patient.”  As a “solo practitioner and business owner,” Dr. George  explains the obstacles encountered by patients and doctors today, noting  how the “government has inserted itself between the patient and doctor.” She criticizes the Specialty Certification Boards’s latest “scheme” of forcing Doctors to re-certify, charging enormous fees…and compares it to lawyers having to take  Bar exams continuously throughout their careers…

Segment 2

Healthcare.  Obamacare  and  “Practicing”  Medicine. Dr. Elaina George

Dr. Elaina George discusses the “burdens” of practicing Medicine today…”the countless certifications to stay in practice, the “anonymous peer” revues and other obstacles…Dr. George comments on the “loss of privacy,” the erosion  of the patient-doctor relation, and  the increased  participation   of the Government –insurance companies and other corporate entities, making the doctors “outsiders looking in…” Dr. George points to Medicare, as the first example of socialized Medicine (for Seniors) in the US and how its fund was “raided” to support Obamacare’s infrastructure…

Segment 3

Healthcare.  Alternatives to Obamacare. Dr. Elaina George

Dr. George speaks of alternatives in healthcare insurance that are becoming more popular as more Americans are finding out the limitations and costs in  national/corporate health insurance.  As “an old School physician,” Dr. George emphasizes, in concluding the interview, the importance of the Hippocratic Oath and the responsibility   doctors have  towards  patients and how today their relation  is being threatened. Dr. George speaks of how she disseminates information  “on health issues and politics of medicine” with her weekly radio show and her writings. Dr. George comments on her personal background, her involvement in conservative causes through Project 21, an initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Segment 4

Trade/Foreign Relations. Eurasia-US. Ralph Winnie Jr. JD, LLM


Ralph Winnie discusses the latest US-Eurasia relations, specifically  with Russia, China and Korea and the upcoming Conference, sponsored by the Eurasia Center, on  May 13th on doing business with BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China)