Show – June 25, 2014

Notes June 25, 2014

Segment 1

Immigration Reform. The Crisis at the Border. Peter Roff, contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report.


Mr. Roff is also the  former  senior political writer for United Press International, and is  now affiliated with several public policy organizations including Let Freedom Ring, and Frontiers of Freedom. His writings have been published in National Review, Fox News and other periodicals. He speaks to RARadio  about the “humanitarian crisis” on the border, the Administration’s inaction and the Republicans’ opportunities in tackling “immigration reform,” with “existing laws.”  Mr. Roff stresses that “illegal immigration and protecting the border” are separate issues. He notes that our immigration system  needs immediate reform to adjust to the 21st century, stating that  “we need high skilled workers.” Mr. Roff comments on the importance of “border security and calls for “ the National Guard  to protect the children so that the border patrol can do their job… and assist  the “ranchers” who are constantly being harassed by criminals and “coyotes”…He also points to the need for a “robust guest worker program.”  Mr. Roff speaks of the urgent need of immigration reform with an emphasis on the right communication …(opposing “balkanization” and helping  immigrants to “accelerate assimilation” especially… with a growing baby boomer generation…

Segment 2

Education today. The Schooling in America Survey. Jeff Reed, Communications Director. FRIEDMAN FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATIONAL CHOICE.

Mr. Reed joined the Friedman Foundation in February 2010 as State Programs and Government Relations Director, a role he held till March 2012.” In that role, Mr. Reed coordinated the Foundation’s efforts to prepare target states for the introduction of school choice. Previously, Mr. Reed  served as Education Task Force Director for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Mr. Reed speaks to RARadio about the  yearly release  of the Foundation’s Polls (The Schooling in America Survey)  on June 26, 2014.   Mr. Reed speaks of the controversial findings…that  parents  feel that “too much focus is placed on standardized tests,” and there is “ intense and growing opposition to Common Core…” He also notes that more than 6 in 10 Americans support school vouchers, pointing to 74% of African Americans and 72% of Hispanics.  Mr. Reed explains the types of survey questions…

Segment 3

Education today. School Choice & Common Core. Jeff Reed, Communications Director. FRIEDMAN FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATIONAL CHOICE.

Mr. Reed speaks of the importance of “Testing”  today in schools saying that “test results now mean everything, from more money to the school district to a shake-up in management…” also noting the “obsession with testing, …forcing accountability onto a government monopoly…” The issue is clear: do we succumb to “central planning” or we maintain “parental choice” in education. The numbers are astounding, 49 million children attend public schools and only “300,000 exercise the freedom to attend a private school with a publicly funded voucher, tax credit scholarship or education savings account!”  Mr. Reed concludes the interview by citing Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman who first proposed the idea of school choice, “to give those in need a fighting chance…” Today there are 51 school choice programs in 24 States and D.C…

Segment 4

Obamacare. “Cronyism & Coercion.” Jeffrey H. Anderson, Executive Director, Project 2017

Jeffrey H. Anderson is executive director of Project 2017 is a contributor to The Weekly Standard (TWS) and other periodicals. He speaks to RARadio about his latest article published in TWS, titled “Cronyism & Coercion”, citing examples of “Obama…breaking the rules…” with the “risk corridor program” and the “slush fund” used to cover the “insurance companies ’losses..” Mr. Anderson alerts consumers of the “Big Government alliance with Big Insurance, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Hospitals…”   For Mr. Anderson encourages Republicans to “fight corporate welfare, help Main Street and thwart Obamacare (there is legislation introduced by Republicans to suspend the individual mandate, etc)…” Mr. Anderson comments on his organization, Project 2017, paving the way for a conservative (and Republican) Administration in 2017…