Show – May 21, 2014


May 21, 20114


The Real War On Women. Jill Abramson, The NYT, and… (the career woman)…Asche Show, Editorial & Commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

Asche Show, editorial & commentary writer for The Washington Examiner, speaks to RARadio on the dismissal of Jill Abramson from the NYT and the “intellectual” fencing that  ensued… Ms. Show comments on the Left’s “REAL war on women” and their representatives’ hypocritical stances…stating facts, statistics and…  examples…

Segment 2

The View From Abroad. Business and Politics. James Levy, Businessman and former Chairman of RA Spain

James Levy is former Chairman of RA Spain (2006-2013) and an investment advisor and financial services entrepreneur based in Madrid, Spain. He began his career in 1991 as Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch International Banking offices in Madrid. Mr. Levy comments on the present business and political climates in Europe and  Spain.

Segment 3

The View From Abroad. Foreign Policy and Politics. James Levy, Businessman and former Chairman of RA Spain

James Levy concludes the interview by speaking of the many problems  in foreign policy, the economy and  other “sociocultural” issues  that have come to define this Administration and  their repercussions abroad…He closes the interview on a positive note and hope… for our “ Great Republic…

Segment 4

Brown vs. Board of Education – 60th Anniversary. Freedom to choose… Neal McCluskey, Associate Director. Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom

Neal Mc Cluskey, Associate Director at Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom  speaks to RARadio about the 60th anniversary of the landmark ruling, Brown vs. Board of Education. Mr. Mc Cluskey notes the importance of the ruling with “the end of racial segregation,” but  bringing attention to  the prevalent racial  “educational inequality” ….citing various findings. Mr. McCluskey comments on the advantages for children if their parents have the “freedom to choose” the school…(“A Harvard Poll found that 67% of African Americans favor expanding choice with “universal vouchers” and 80% support “tax credit funded scholarships for low income students…)” School choice, vouchers, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools…empowering the parents, empowering the teachers…