Show – January 8, 2014

Segment 1

Domestic Issues. Farm Bill & Flood Insurance. Ray Lehmann, R Street Institute

Ray Lehmann is Senior fellow and Co-Founder of the R Street Institute, a free market think tank in Washington, D.C. Mr. Lehmann speaks about  some of  the important issues to be tackled by Congress  in 2014…  He mentions the  Farm Bill, and one (of many?) bone of contention between  Dems and Reps.: “ how much to cut food stamps…” (The Senate’s bill includes  $4 billion in cuts, while the House cut the program by $39 billion…. The sides have reportedly settled at around $8 billion in cuts,” according to Business Insider 1/9/14.)  Senate Bill 1846, that would delay for 4 years “rate increases on properties…” subject to the Biggers – Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act (2012) designed to eliminate subsidies and  impose fair market rates for flood insurance… is up for a vote next week.  He also notes that the “simplification of the Tax Code…. as in Tax Reform…” will have to be undertaken…at some point..

Segment 2

Domestic Issues. Obamacare. Ray Lehmann, R Street Institute

Ray Lehmann speaks of the “predictable” mess that  Obamacare is: “a massive bill and massive bureaucracy…” noting that it was the President’s “Organizing for America” group that created the “Pajamaboy” advertisement…and commented on the “offensive” nature of some of the ads produced by HHS..  He also speaks of an article authored by members of his organization and which addresses the “new poor,” and the obstacles in their way and how they become “locked in place…” forced to stay  from “moving ‘West’… to other States, counties, communities…etc., something which could  help alleviate the chronic unemployment…” Mr. Lehmann speaks of the decline in the US of foreign investments and cites the “overload of regulations” citing a few of the many bills and laws passed in  recent years…and their disastrous effects….

Segment 3

Domestic Issues. Looking Forward…in 2014. Ray Lehmann, R Street Institute

Ray Lehmann concludes the interview by speaking of the many causes taken up by his institute, specifically regarding insurance, the environment and agriculture…the “war on poverty,” “Obamacare and the EPA…” And so it goes…