Show – December 18, 2013

Segment 1
Republicans Overseas. FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Solomon Yue, Vice Chairman and CEO, Republicans Overseas

Solomon Yue, Vice Chairman and CEO of RO, is also Member of the RNC representing the State of Oregon since 2000. Mr. Yue explains his involvement in various committees, specifically the RNC’s Conservative Steering Cttee, with 89 members and that any Resolution to pass, must be voted by a simple majority of 85…. “In the context of FATCA,” he speaks of the recent resolution he proposed to “repeal FATCA,” and voices his concern that so many Americans overseas are renouncing their citizenship, ”striking a nerve.” Mr. Yue speaks of his personal background, “growing up in communist China, under state oppression and having lived through the Cultural Revolution ” and his “personal journey” to the United States, “working hard for the green card and citizenship”… Mr. Yue comments on the reasons behind this Administration’s enforcement of FATCA, “raising revenue from the targeted, unrepresented and unorganized 7.6 million American citizens overseas”…”A provision in the Bill passed by a [Democrat] congress in 2010 is due to take effect in July 24, requiring financial institutions to provide information to the IRS on clients with more than $50,000…”As Mr. Yue, notes, “if foreign banks comply the “privacy laws” may be breached … Mr. Yue explains the repercussions of the law on the average American citizen working overseas and notes that only 9 countries have signed on to the “Inter-governmental Agreements, ” with one, Switzerland, “now having second thoughts.” It is Mr. Yue’s intention that, after the Resolution to repeal FATCA is passed by the RNC, every foreign embassy in Washington, DC., is apprised of the Republican Party’s commitment to repeal it …

Segment 2

Republicans Overseas. The Resolution to Repeal FATCA. Solomon Yue, Vice Chair and CEO
Mr. Yue explains how he garnered support from other RNC Members to co-sponsor the Resolution to Repeal FATCA, and comments as well on the process of bringing the Resolution to all the members at the Winter Meeting in January, 2014.
“A Newly Revised RNC Resolution to Repeal FATCA (12/9/2013):
Whereas, In March of 2010, the United States Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) proposed as an effort to catch tax evaders; however, this Act has ensnared every one of the 7.6 million United States Citizens, and all Green Card holders living… overseas in its overzealous provisions;
Whereas, FATCA was never debated in Congress, but was discretely added to the HIRE Act (Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act) of 2010; and, it was never subjected to a cost/benefit analysis by Congress; it requires substantial Internal Revenue Service (IRS) legal, software development and administrative costs; adds one more layer of excessive bureaucracy; imposes significant compliance costs on U.S. financial institutions; and yet it was scored by the Joint Committee on Taxation to bring in only $800 million a year in additional revenue;…” (Read More)
For Mr. Yue, FATCA is an issue for both political parties, because it encroaches on Privacy laws and negates Due Process under the law. “Americans overseas are treated as criminals,” by an overreaching IRS under this Administration. “FATCA is like Obamacare…”but “there have to be two things in place [to repeal it], and that is to re-capture the Senate and House.” Another issue that may be tackled with a Republican Congress and WH, will be taxation based on residency…

Segment 3
Second Vote. Power in Choice. Chris Walker, Executive Director, 2nd Vote
Chris Walker is Executive Director of 2nd Vote, “a free application launched to help conservatives make better decisions about how and where to spend their money…” Mr. Walker explains that “too often, corporations are funding leftist organizations,” and conservative consumers can now identify those companies before buying their products. Mr. Walker notes that they have information (leaning right, left or neutral) on at least 350 companies and will soon expand the database with information on non-profits, CEO’s, etc.

Segment 4

Republicans for Black Empowerment. Back to Principles. Donald E. Scoggins, President
Donald E. Scoggins, President of Republicans for Black Empowerment speaks of his background and his beginnings in “Tulsa, Oklahoma,” in Republican politics. He speaks of RBE, “the largest Republican African-American Network…,” founded in 2007, with more than 2,000 members. Mr. Scoggins notes the importance of adhering to the principles of the Republican Party and points to “Abraham Lincoln’s liberation of the African-American slaves…” and the mis-information (promulgated by the Democrat Party) that exists today… He eschews the use of any type of label: moderate or conservative stressing that “labels are so loaded…”