Show – December 4, 2013


Segment 1

Book Review. Margaret Thatcher on Leadership:  Lessons for  American Conservatives today – by Nile Gardiner, Stephen Thompson.

Dr. Stephen Thompson, “educated at Cambridge, the London School of Economics, and the University of California, is an editor, writer and consultant in Washington DC. He has lived in Cambridge and London during most of Thatcher’s time as prime minister, and experienced firsthand how she changed British history, becoming a lifelong Thatcherite…” He has co-written, with Nile Gardiner the recently published book by Regnery: “Margaret Thatcher on Leadership: Lessons for American Conservatives today.” Dr. Thompson explains the “structure of the book…, on her, as a leader,” and “how she overcame [the difficulties and obstacles] in her rise to become a Leader…”  For Dr. Thompson, the youth today, who will be  “inheriting a fiscal mess, are going to be the ones following her life…”, for she was just “a small town girl, whose Father was a successful grocer and Methodist Preacher who became the mayor of their hometown (Grantham, 1945-46) ” exposing her to “religion, business and politics in her community.”  She attended Oxford University and obtained a degree in Chemistry; was a member of the Oxford Conservative Association… Who and what influenced her life?  WWII  and  the times…, “the beginning of the end of the British Empire, and her country’s eventual   turn to Socialism…in the 60’s and 70’s…” Comparing Britain’s trajectory towards socialism and economic disaster in the 70’s with the last few years in the US,  Dr. Thompson speaks of Obamacare and how it will “fall upon the shoulders of conservatives” to correct the wrongs… “ In the 1970’s the British stopped believing in their own country…” [they  thought there was] “no way out”….but she came along and persuaded them  to carry on…, that the “British character is not socialist!”

Segment 2

Book Review. Margaret Thatcher on Leadership:  Lessons for  American Conservatives today – by Nile Gardiner, Stephen Thompson.

Dr. Thompson speaks of the British “Winter of Discontent,” in 1979, when the country was plagued by Union strikes, shutdowns and misery and…, Mrs. Thatcher became Prime Minister. Dr. Thompson also recounts  his time working at the Republican National Committee when former Governor Haley Barbour was Chairman and what he called the “golden age,” for the Republicans, the time of the “Contract with America…” For Dr. Thompson, 2014 is an important year, similar to 1979 and predicts a “conservative Republican Renewal…”

Segment 3

Republicans Overseas.   Republicans abroad: their vote and their participation. Solomon Yue. Vice Chairman and CEO.

Solomon Yue is Vice Chairman and CEO of the newly created political organization, Republicans Overseas, “with chapters throughout the world and headquarters in the US, [founded] to facilitate the involvement of republican citizens overseas in the political process of the United States…” As such, “it will also voice the concerns of Republican citizens overseas in the public policy debates, in the United State, consistent with Republican principles…” Mr. Yue is also National Committeeman for the State of Oregon at the Republican National Committee, and…”currently Vice Chairman of the Committee on Presidential Debates and co-founder of the RNC Conservative Steering Committee and the Republican Conservative Caucus.” He is also a very successful businessman. Mr. Yue explains that  the organization was created… to capture the votes for Republicans from  the  7.6 millions Americans living overseas. Mr. Yue comments on the organization, Republicans Abroad  (HQ closed  on January 31st, 2013)  pointing to the fact that “it was never a political  machine,” and although involved in voter registration, it lacked the structure and manpower. Mr. Yue explains that the RA chapters “were not equipped as State Chapters, but rather, depended on a one-person-operation to do all things…” The goal of RO is to revitalize the Republican efforts abroad and bring home the votes!! Mr. Yue also speaks of FATCA, (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

Segment 4

The Navigator Sting – Project Veritas. Making a Difference. Lawrence “Billy” Jones III

Lawrence “Billy” Jones III, a twenty year old African American conservative activist from Garland, TX …went undercover for Project Veritas and exposed the Obamacare Navigators in Texas who were  encouraging applicants to commit “fraud…” As a young and unafraid conservative activist, Mr. Jones confronts the Left head-on, exposing the fact that they use “emotions to appeal to African Americans and minorities…”and “the only way to fight the Left is with FACTS…”