Show – October 16, 2013


Segment 1.

Unions in Wisconsin. Card-check Elections. F. Vincent Vernuccio

  1. Vincent Vernuccio is Director of Labor Policy at the Mackinac Center of Public Policy with HQ in Michigan. Mr. Vernuccio served under President G W Bush as Special Assistant Secretary for  the Administration and Management in the Department of Labor. A regular guest on Fox News…he’s been described as the “top Union watchdog…”  Mr. Vernuccio speaks about the problems with Unions enforcing card-check elections,  in a state like Wisconsin,   that is not “right to work.” He points to the recent  “special exemption granted by the Administration to a new off-site Indian Casino by the Obama Administration and that would take jobs away from non-Unionized casinos…”

Segment 2.

Green Energy scams. Cape Wind Project . Marita Noon

Marita Noon is the ED for the organization Energy Makes America Great, Inc., the advocacy arm of Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE). A columnist and spokesperson, she has written her 20th book, Energy and Freedom.  Ms. Noon has been exposing, together with Christine Lakatos,   the Administration’s “green energy-crony-corruption scandals.”  Ms. Noon speaks of the Cape Wind Project as an example. According to Ms. Noon, “since the President committed in 2009, $100Billion for energy projects, at least 50 have gone bankrupt.” And the Cape Wind $2Billion, 130 turbines-Project, off Nantucket, in Massachussetts, “is illustrative of the whole issue of crony corruption.”  Even the NYTimes, has been critical of the wind and solar energy projects, pointing to need for taxpayer subsidies…For Ms. Noon the Keystone Pipeline is another example of this Administration “awarding friends and punishing opponents.”

Segment 3.

The Debt Ceiling. #Shutdown. Ray Lehman

Ray Lehman is Senior Fellow, Public Affairs Director and Co-Founder of the R Street Institute, a free market and libertarian think tank.  Mr. Lehman speaks of the [impending]agreement between Congress and the Administration on the debt ceiling  providing  background information…that, for example, we have been “running deficits since WWII” and that “we actually reached the statutory debt ceiling last New year’s Eve at $16.4Trillion…and that Treasury took extraordinary measures to extend the headroom…” To get $29Billion of headroom, the treasury Dept. announced last February, the suspension of additional investments to the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and the Postal Retiree Health Benefit fund…”  Mr. Lehman explains what could happen if the October 17 deadline is not met, and what happens if we move in the direction of “default,” noting the “areas with   the most devastating impact… as the $4Trillion Repo Market…, the so-called shadow banking industries.”


Segment 4

Government intervention and  The Senate Deal . Ray Lehman

Ray Lehman concludes the interview by explaining the risks of quantitative easing: the more money supply to buy treasury bonds and securities to increase liquidity and lending can also lead to inflation and higher prices…  “ And…despite widespread speculation that the Federal Reserve would tone down its quantitative easing program (QE3),.. it will  continue its monthly USD $85 billion bond-buying program as it downgraded its outlook for economic growth…”  Mr. Lehman concludes the interview by commenting on the  McConnell-Reid Agreement on the debt ceiling and what other very important issues his organization will tackle…the FARM BILL (big subsidies for corporations) and the Food Stamp portion in the Bill…, plus the Internet Sales tax ….etc.


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