Show – September 11, 2013

Segment 1
Foreign Policy. The President’s Syria policy. Ambassador John Price

Ambassador John Price, appointed by President Bush from 2002-2005, speaks to RAradio on the President’s explanation regarding the Administration’s position on the latest developments in Syria and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to help…The Ambassador gives his views and presents examples of FP contradictions…He notes that 80% of Americans do not want the US to go into Syria, even for a limited targeted incursion in response to the chemical weapon attack …Ambassador Price discusses some of the “conspiracy theories” that point to “economic” reasons for involvement in Syria…

Segment 2

Foreign Policy. GWOT. Ambassador John Price Ambassador Price comments on the Anniversaries of 9-11 and Benghazi and the reality of the Global War on Terror. He points to the need to focus on the “bigger picture,” our dependence on ME oil and the radicalization of some Muslims. He suggests that the US should have a “clearer” FP and notes the “fundamentalist” tendencies of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and how Christians and moderate Muslims are being persecuted throughout the region.