Show – July 24, 2013

Segment 1

Foreign Policy. Elections in Mali. Ambassador John Price
Ambassador John Price (appointed by President George W. Bush to the Republic of Mauritius, Seychelles and Union of Comoros from 2002-2205) speaks about the upcoming July 28 elections in Mali, the candidates, the obstacles and the possible results. The Ambassador comments on the political situation after a “separatist uprising led to a military coup in 2012,” and the intervention, by the French, in January 2013, in liberating Mali from Islamist radicals in the North. As the Ambassador notes, “it is important that the elections take place,” to help stabilize the region with “democratic countries.” The Ambassador mentions how the radical Islamists have gained ground in Africa, and cites the “underwear bomber who hailed from Nigeria, and trained in Yemen.”

Segment 2

Foreign Policy. Africa. Ambassador John Price
Ambassador John Price comments on the “aftermath” of the President’s visit to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania, “three out of 49 countries” in the continent. Calling it another “photo opp,” the Ambassador points to the “missed opps…” in fomenting “trade.” The Ambassador notes that “poverty’s companion is hopelessness,” and cites the meager $1.25 a day earned by most, if not all, Africans. For Ambassador Price, “aid does not work,” but engaging Africa in global trade will make her “self-sufficient…” He commends the President’s “power initiative” and the $16Billion pledged (including the $9Billion from private sources) to deliver power to 20 million people in six countries in the “darkest continent.” He calls for the need to “arm wrestle” other nations, to help raise the $300Billion needed to bring light to every village in the continent… Ambassador Price praises President Bush on the success of PEPFAR, “an incredible program…”

Segment 3

Foreign Policy. Egypt. Ambassador John Price
Ambassador John Price comments on his recent article, “Obama’s miscues in Egypt,” and the after effects of the Arab Spring… For the Ambassador, the US/State Department’s actions/in-actions have resulted from dealing with “tribal societies with fundamentalist Islamic” protagonists… (“US support for religious zealots dis-served the cause for democracy..”) Any involvement in “a regime game [must include] an end game plan.” Ambassador Price comments on the confirmation of Samantha Power as UN Ambassador; the “civil war” in Syria and the millions of refugees fleeing to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Egypt…

Segment 4

Domestic Policies. The “state of dis-Union.” Ambassador John Price
Ambassador Price speaks of the many internal problems that we are facing as a nation, from the IRS/NSA /Benghazi scandals, to the dreadful economy and the Obama-care “train wreck.” Referring to his African American grandson, the Ambassador called the President’s speech on the Trayvon Martin case, “weak.” For him, the President should “unify the country…bring people together… [and have] equal chances for excelling in education,” but instead, he “…blames…divides…,” and notes that the “rich are not the enemy,” citing his own experience, “having worked 24/7 for 50 years, taking big risks…constantly signing on the line…” What’s ahead for Republicans in 2014…? The Ambassador cautions of a not so jolly a trip getting there…And then, there’s always Hillary Clinton…