Show – November 7, 2012

Segment 1

Nov. 7
The Day After. On Campaigns…R.Clarke Cooper, ED, Log Cabin Republicans.

Former Bush Appointee and US Army Captain (Reserves), Clarke Cooper, ED of Log Cabin Republicans speaks to RA Radio on his way back from Boston…Mr. Cooper was involved in door to door campaigning in support of Governor Romney and Republican candidate Richard Tisei for the House of Representatives. Mr. Cooper shares his thoughts on the results of the election and comments that, “If anything, we are united.” Mr. Cooper calls for reflection on how we move forward, on how Republicans can better reach out to members of the electorate…and he offers as a solution: “the Big Tent Approach…” Speaking for “individual liberty, fiscal conservatism ” which is what is best for our nation…”the challenge will be to have that message resonate and translate it into votes…” He speaks of Speaker John Boehner returning to Congress with a Republican majority, noting its importance. Mr. Cooper is proud of the campaign work in support of Governor Romney and applauds GOP Chairman Reince Priebus and Co Chairman Sharon Day for revitalizing (in funds and enthusiasm) the GOP. For him, there is growth and opportunity in the future…focusing perhaps on the young and the minorities…

Segment 2

The View from Abroad. Mexico. Larry Rubin, Chairman, Mexico.

Larry Rubin speaks to RAradio on the election results and Mexico’s interest in the US electoral process. Having participated in many debates organized by the American Embassy and other organizations, Mr. Rubin reflects on the election results and American-Mexican relations. He congratulates the Romney-Ryan ticket for their hard work campaigning against an incumbent President and speaks about “what it will take going forward.” He mentions the “Hispanic voters who turned out in droves,” for the President and points to the need of “transmitting our values to them” and hopes to help persuade Hispanics in the next four years!…Important will be the renewed approach to immigration… perhaps, “retreat, to work harder…”

Segment 3

The View from Abroad. A Norwegian Perspective. John Ragnar Aarset, Managing Director, The Washington Seminar.

John R. Aarset speaks of his visit to VA and Washington, D.C. with a group (80) of business, government, NGO, and Union leaders including a Cabinet Secretary and the personal advisor and speech writer to His Majesty, The King of Norway. Mr. Aarset recounts the busy schedule of campaign rallies (the group attended the Obama rally in Brystol, VA. and the Romney rally in Fairfax, VA.) He comments on Governor Romney’s special gesture in visiting with the 1,000 or so participants that were left outside the arena because it was packed with volunteers and supporters! Mr. Aarset comments on the experience of participating with the grassroots, a combination of ordinary people and professionals. Pointing to the differences between the US and Norway (which has 5 million citizens), he finds the enormous “grassroots” efforts impressive. Claiming the bi-partisan status of the organization, Mr. Aarset notes of his visits to both campaigns. Mr. Aarset also comments on the different events that they had programmed with think tanks and other organizations such as Heritage, the Center for American Progress (Dem) and the Washington Post. What he found most educational was the session on “digital campaigning,” something he hopes will be replicated in Europe.

Segment 4

The View from Abroad. A Norwegian Perspective. John Ragnar Aarset, Managing Director, The Washington Seminar.

Mr. Aarset concludes the interview by offering his thoughts on the differences in the Obama/Romney campaigns and his program, what his group accomplished, and moving forward to future Norway-US cooperation and support…