Show – May 16, 2012

Segment 1

The View from Abroad. Republicans in Spain.

James Levy, Chairman RA Spain Mr. Levy, Chairman of one of the most dynamic Chapter of Republicans Abroad, speaks to RA Radio on the vicissitudes of Spain; for instance, the fate of the Spanish version of the “Occupy Movement: Los Indignados,” Mr. Levy comments that it seems to have fizzled out, as evidenced in the 200 or 300 demonstrators present in Madrid on May 1st, its one year anniversary…” Mr. Levy notes how the project of the European Union could be on the verge of “blowing apart,” as a result of the economic debacles in Spain, Italy and Greece,( that familiar “piling more and more debt..)” For Mr. Levy, Spain has been in many ways politically ahead of the US (in Socialist green energy programs, perhaps?) and also has to get the deficit under control..” Regarding the Franco-German alliance and the negative historical connotation of pitting the north against the south, Mr. Levy speaks of Greece’s “unpleasant experience in WWII, when 10% of its population was decimated,” and the “unfortunate references” today, against an industrialized and hard-working nation like Germany. Mr. Levy calls attention to the fact that there was a time when European countries bought each other’s debts, but not so today… contributing to the political and economical instability…Spain is in crisis, and as always, there are separatist movements like the Catalans, …”

Segment 2

The View from Abroad. Republican in Spain.

James Levy, Chairman RA Spain Are there parallels between Spain and the US? For Mr. Levy, there is a growing sense that “Spain has lost control of its destiny…If rescued by the European Central Bank, Spain has to allow [outsiders] German specialists to go through its [financial] books-and in a sense, slowly but surely losing its “sovereignty.” And for him the “balancing of the budget,” is paramount to national security…and is critical of the Obama Administration for not focusing on the real problem: our debt. On the French elections and M. Hollande’s win, Mr. Levy’s uttering “Uff!” is self-explanatory…He reveals his dissatisfaction with the Socialist’s first proclamation to reduce the work week in France and which would increase the price of labor. Questioning Mr. Obama’s fascination with all things socialist, Mr. Levy echoes Governor Jindal’s recent comment that Mr. Obama has no idea about job creation since he never even managed a “lemonade stand..” Mr. Levy speaks of the great interest by the Spanish media on the US elections and what RA is doing to GOTV: focusing on the July 4th celebrations at the American Club and the debates planned with Democrats Abroad (“who are keeping a rather low profile, this time around..”)

Segment 3

Freedom & Justice. The American Center for Law and Justice. Jordan Sekulow

A lawyer by profession and talk show host, Mr. Sekulow is the ED of Policy and International Operations for the ACLJ. Mr. Sekulow speaks to RARadio on the many chapters that ACLJ has throughout the US and the world, including Russia, Zimbabwe, Israel, South Korea, Pakistan etc. The Mission of the organization, is “focusing on U.S. constitutional law, European Union law and human rights law, the ACLJ and its affiliated organizations are dedicated to the concept that freedom and liberty are universal, God-given and inalienable rights that must be protected.” It has been involved in challenging Obamacare, and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito… Mr. Sekulow describes the activities of the chapter in Israel and speaks of the plight of the Palestinian Christians.

Segment 4

Segment 4 Freedom is Universal. Iran. Jordan Sekulow

Mr. Sekulow comments on Youcef Nadarkhani, the Iranian Christian pastor who apparently has not received the same kind of media attention that say, China’s Chen Guancheng ? What’s next for Youcef? Mr. Romney speaks of a strained relation with Iran, different from China. Since 1979, there has been no relation, Youcef’s case is unique… The US government working through countries like Brazil which have relations with Iran…Mr. Sekulow mentions the letter his organization received on Monday and the difficult case of the political dissidents, and especially Youcef’s lawyer who has been recently disbarred and is facing a possible conviction of 9 years in jail…Mr. Sekulow explains why his organization supports SB1070, the Arizona bill that has been so “demonized” and which is not about racial profiling at all, but rather the enforcing of existing federal law…