Show – May 2, 2012

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Foreign Policy. Obama capturing Osama. Ambassador John Price

Ambassador John Price, appointed by President George W. Bush to the Islands of Mauritius, Seychelles and The Comoros in the Indian Ocean served from 2002-2005. He has written an extensive memoir, “When the White House Calls, ” detailing an extraordinary life that began, when, at the age of five, he and his whole family left Nazi Germany for the Americas… He studied Geology and settled in Utah where he became one of its most prominent citizens. Ambassador Price, who keeps a website and blog at discusses his latest article: “Osama bin Laden: Could have been captured before 1996,” which details the terrorist ‘s comings and goings since the early 1990’s. For the Ambassador, the capturing and killing of Osama has been “politicized” revising history with the performance, in Obama’s campaign commercial, of President Clinton (who famously spent the better part of his presidency preoccupied with “libidinous” policies ).

Segment 3

Homeland Security. NYC and the Freedom Tower. Ambassador John Price and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Chairman, the Homeland Security Committee. Chairman King, who represents NY’s 3rd District, comprising parts of Suffolk and Nassau Counties in Long Island, serves on the Homeland Security Committee as its Chairman, and is also on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, being one of its original members. Chairman King speaks about the 14 attempted attacks that have been successfully thwarted by the NYPD, and the federal and international agencies since 9/11…and celebrates the building of the Freedom Tower in New York…surpassing in height, the Twin Towers…Chairman King speaks of the one year anniversary (May 2nd) of Osama bin Laden’s capture and killing and what it means to him today. Mr. King mentions how it has affected him on a personal level, having lost 150 neighbors from his District on 9-11 and is critical of the President, as Commander-in-Chief, who is taking “political’ credit for the terrorist’s demise, despite a “long trail to get Bin Laden, since 2005-2006…supported by the interrogation methods implemented by the Bush Administration and for him, the credit should go to both Presidents…., and he notes that, “although Al Qaeda’s top leadership has been decimated, and is weaker, it has morphed and metastasized in Yemen and Somalia , the Magreb, Nigeria and other areas…” Ambassador John Price also asks of Congressman King about the arms that were taken by the radicals from Libya and brought into Mali to which Congressman King replies, that ” although he is reluctant to criticize, he notes that it was Congressman Mike Rogers, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee who, at the time, insisted on securing those weapons from Islamist terrorists…”

Segment 4

Homeland Security-Secret Service, Immigration-Fast & Furious. Ambassador John Price and Congressman Peter King Congressman King comments on Fast and Furious scandal that seems to have been placed on the “back burner” as a result of the TSA and Secret Service Scandals… Congressman King is critical of Attorney General Eric Holder and his “obstructionist” Department of Justice and reminds the listeners that he had called for his resignation three or four years ago, forcefully criticizing the Justice Department’s persecution (in the name of liberal, political correctness ) of the NYPD for Islamist investigations. Mr. King comments on the Arizona Immigration law, border security and the corruption that pervades in the area with the selling of weapons by American manufacturers to the Mexican cartels, as expressed by Ambassador Price. Congressman King insists on border protection and condemns the smuggling of weaponry and persons. He acknowledged to be “pleasantly surprised” by the Court’s commentaries on the Arizona Law hearings and is adamant in his support of it as well as his condemnation of the employers who hire the illegals… and is against any sort of AMNESTY. And on the Secret Service scandal, Congressman King speaks well of Mark Sullivan, Director of the USSS, who was appointed by President Bush. In closing the interview both Congressman King and Ambassador Price speak highly of Governor Romney “who is uniquely positioned to salvage the Economy, which is Obama’s “Achilles heel.” For King, Romney is honest, competent and will create jobs, and will focus on the economy…”