Show – April 4, 2012

President Obama’s Policies. A time for Action. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Rep. Gohmert (R-TX), served in the US Army Judge Advocates’ General Corps at Fort Benning from 1978- 1992 and was elected in 1992 as a State Judge , re-elected twice and appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to be Chief Justice on Texas 12th Court of Appeals from 2002-2003. Rep. Gohmert is on the Judiciary and Natural Resources Committees and is a member of the Prayer, Immigration Reform, and Tea Party caucuses as well as the Republican Study Committee. Mr. Gohmert speaks to RARadio about the importance of remaining a “strong and free people,” and comments on what a person from West Africa told him while visiting the region– his concern being the “American government’s appearance of weakness.” Mr. Gohmert points to the President’s foreign policy in the Middle East, and especially his remark to Israel “I’ve got your back,” while recently, his own Administration is being named as leaking information on Israel’s [plans on Iran]… “[We are living…] in a time of great concern.” Mr. Gohmert speaks of the role of the US in Afghanistan, and “not as occupiers.” He explains that the way to deal with the pull-out is to “empower the enemy of our enemy,” and calls for “the support of the Northern Alliance to confront the Taliban…” Regarding the President’s latest “authoritarian” and threatening comments to the Supreme Court, Rep Gohmert mentions the case Marbury vs. Madison which set precedent (1803) permitting the Court “to exercise judicial review under Article III of the Constitution,” or, “striking down a law if deemed unconstitutional.” For the president,” although an instructor but not a professor of law, to have threatened the Court is unprecedented, and either he is ignorant or being deceptive.” And notes the House Rules of decorum that do not allow/permit that the President be called a “liar,” under the House’s roof…,” Of the issues that concern him the most, Obamacare stands out…Any message to Americans Abroad? Let’s keep up the faith…and, [register to vote]….

Segment 2

Failed Promises. Jewish Covenant Alliance. Aaron Braunstein Aaron Braunstein, USFS Officer (ret.) who served in US Embassies in many Moslem countries speaks to RAradio about his retirement in Jerusalem and the issues that are important to him. The Jewish Covenant Alliance, of which he is President, was established to combat “blood thirsty idolatry… and points to the ever existence of evil in the world…since Roman times (PAX Romana)to the Inquisitions of the Middle Ages, to the imposition of a master race in Europe with 30 million deaths… the Bolsheviks’ and communists’ totalitarian methods… and to this day…with Jihad, which he defines as an aberration of Islam, wanting to dominate by the sword.” Mr. Braunstein speaks of a “spiritual” victory over evil and promotes his educational, non-sectarian educational association. He also speaks of his background and education having studied at Hebrew University and John Hopkins. He mentions a product which he has created and which he calls “election novelty,” a type of (Babushka) wooden bank with the figure of President Obama…allowing its owner “to decide what he thinks of the President’s policies towards Iran by affixing stickers to it…” What type of “change” is Obama’s bank giving you?… Mr. Braunstein notes that it is nothing else but the “wrong change,” since President Obama “has a total misunderstanding of the Middle East…the threat is the extremism of Islam…”

Segment 3

China. Ambassador Frank Lavin

Ambassador Lavin (Singapore 2002-2005) served as Undersecretary of State at the US Department of Commerce and was Chief Trade negotiator for China and India in the Bush Administration. He also served in the White House and on the National Security Council. Ambassador Lavin speaks of his carreer in government and in the private sector. Recently he became the CEO of Exportnow, an e-commerce company that does business in China, helping American and European manufacturers that want to enter the Chinese market but do not have the means to establish an infrastructure in the country. Mr. Lavin speaks of the “overwhelming” process for small businesses to engage in… What are the barriers imposed in China to foreign companies? Ambassador Lavin speaks of the ”heavily regulated industries, in the food and technology areas,” but notes that there is a huge demand in the consumer industries, and mentions “Starbucks, which has tripled its market (by 2015) with its trademark coffee/products shops…, imposing the culture of “drinking coffee” on the Chinese [tea drinkers…] ” His message to RA, having once been Chair of RA Singapore…”President Obama has some real strengths but profound weaknesses…there is economic dissatisfaction (budget, deficit and debt)… and “the overseas voters, in a business community and the military…will have a [definitive] role…”…He closes the interview by speaking of “globalization and what it means…” for the US companies to take the opportunity to get outside the US and take stock of new markets…and with that, comes new challenges…”


Segment 4

National Republican Congressional Committee. Voters’ concerns. Paul Lindsay, NRCC

Communications Director Paul Lindsay, a veteran of Republican Politics on the Hill, served in the McCain campaign and previously was Press Secretary to Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) speaks to RARadio on the issues. For Mr.Lindsay, voters are concerned with President Obama’s “misguided policies, spending, and budget,” rejected by fellow Democrats…He speaks of the NRCC, which helped elect 63 Republicans in 2010 and affirms that his organization will “maintain and strengthen the campaigns with a message on the issues,” in contrast to the President’s rhetoric of blaming others with no plan to reduce spending …” In a message to Republicans overseas, Mr. Lindsay points to the facts: that our Party and the House Republicans are proposing solutions for the taxpayer,…”not, an ever increasing, troubling debt which will end us hurting us all…