Show – February 29, 2012

Priority Healthcare. “The Empowering Patients First Act.” Rep. Tom Price, M.D.(R-GA) Chairman, Republican Policy Committee. Congressman Tom Price, M.D., (R-TX), first elected to Georgia’s 6th District in Dec. 2004. Rep. Price serves in the House Ways and means and Budget Cmtes. In the 112th Congress, Rep. Price was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee (the 5th ranking Republican in the House of Representatives.) Rep. Price is an orthopedic surgeon by profession, having been in private practice for nearly 20 years. Dr. Price comments on the bill he recently introduced, HR3000:” The Empowering Patients’ Act” which first and foremost would repeal OBAMACARE and offer what the Congressman calls “patient centered solutions.” The Congressman criticizes Obamacare which for him “violates every principle, [and is] …an egregious mandate, unconstitutional.” Rep. Price is even more critical of Obamacare’s “unaccountable, unelected board of 15 bureaucrats who will have the power to deny care to seniors,” and whose authority will be enforced beginning in 2014. For him, “healthcare decisions must lie with the individual, physicians and patients.” Rep. Price also points to the upcoming Supreme Court Hearings at the end of March and which is centered on the “constitutionality of the law requiring Americans to buy insurance or pay a tax penalty.”

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Jobs-Energy-Red tape Regulations-Tax Reform. “Keeping vigilance on the American Dream.” Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA).

Congressman Tom Price, M.D., (R-GA) comments on the most important issues affecting Americans, including higher energy costs and points to the latest comment by Interior Secretary Chu on February 28 that the “overall goal [of the Administration] is to decrease our dependency on oil” apparently not interested in gasoline price reductions… Rep. Price also speaks of his state and district, its people suffering 9% unemployment and his concerned on “how do we get the economy running again …[by] expanding and creating businesses.., now being stifled with this government’s red tape regulations… Republicans in the House proposed and passed 28 [jobs] Bills which are sitting[gathering dust!] in Harry Reid’s Senate…” Rep. Price also comments on the importance of Tax reform and calls for territorial taxation…with 3.5 trillion dollars held by American companies overseas…” Rep. Price encourages Republicans Abroad to remain engaged by utilizing social media, the internet and notes that they can influence the [democratic] process [at home]… which, has a political solution…

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Focus on the ISSUES. The Big Picture. R. Clarke Cooper, E.D., Log Cabin Republicans..

Clarke Cooper , Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans since 2010, speaks to RA. A former aid to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (R-FL), Mr. Cooper also worked for Governor Jeb Bush and later served in the GW Bush Administration, in the United Nations. A Captain in the US Army Reserves, Clarke served in the Multi National Force Iraq. Today he is in the Africa Command. Mr. Cooper comments on the primary process and the divisive politics…and quotes Gov. Bush, who, only last week called for the Republican candidates to look at the “broader picture.” For the director of the LCR, “inclusion wins,[and calls for the Party to resemble] the big tent..” and notes that “reducing the size of government…” is ultimately what is important! Captain Cooper also comments on Obama’s class warfare… For him, in the Arizona primary the number one concern was JOBS and not the social issues…” And on the foreign policy sphere, Captain Cooper speaks of Iran and the fact that “we have a Commander-in-Chief that is perceived as weak by our friends and weak by our enemies…”

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Elections & Candidates. GOTV-(get out the Vote). R. Clarke Cooper, E.D., Log Cabin Republicans. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans concludes the interview by commenting on the United Nations and how the US, with respect to Syria, is “being run over by China and Russia in the Security Council…, and points to Susan Rice, President Obama’s [inefficient] appointee…Mr. Cooper speaks of LCR candidates, the 42 chapters and the importance of GOTV. He encourages RA to register to vote because “every vote counts…”