Show – February 9, 2012 (CPAC 2012)

Guest host, Cherylyn Harley LeBon, lawyer, former Senior Counsel of the Senate Judiciary, joins in the interview of Mr. Almasi, who speaks of his organization’s effort in countering the Occupy protests. In Washington DC, his organization has obtained permits to demonstrate alongside the Occupy movements (in McPherson Sq. and Freedom Plaza) in defense of freedom, democracy and family values. Crony capitalism and being against the “bailouts” are issues that can bring both movements together, not so for the other issues that the Occupy groups are demonstrating for: a bigger government, higher taxes and more regulation. Another aspect to consider is the different approach to the fashion of demonstrating: the Occupy movements have left a trail of destruction, squalor and more than a few rats are now camping out  in the areas where they have camped out…and as Ms. Le Bon indicated, shelters for the homeless have been used by “occupiers” thus, cheating the very needy of their daily sustenance.

Segment 1

Radio Row. CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). David Almasi, Executive Director,The National Center for Public Policy Research

Segment 2

Radio Row. CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Benjamin S. Cole, Institute for Energy Research

Segment 3

Radio Row. CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Art Harman, The Conservative Caucus

Segment 4

Radio Row. CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) David Keene, President,National Rifle Association and former Chairman, American Conservative Union

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