Show – May 5, 2011

Segment 1

Rep. Thaddeus Mc Cotter, (R-MI), a lawyer by profession, was first elected to Congress in 2002. From 2006-2010 Mr. Mc Cotter served as Chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee. He is now a member of the Financial Services Committee. He recently published a book tltled: Seize freedom! American Truths and Renewal in a Chaotic Age. Speaking of these chaotic times, we asked Rep. Mc Cotter on the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. Mr. Mc Cotter referred to his speech on the House Floor on Tuesday, where he declared…”we have dispatched a murderer, not his movement.” We have won a battle not a struggle… And he added that it was important not to let down our guard… we want to be vigilant.” He speaks of  his proposal to introduce H Res. 241 in honor of the Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies…

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The Washington Times 24/7 with Carter Clews

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The View from Abroad -Ukraine. Brian Mefford, Chair RA UK