Show – February 24, 2011

Segment 1:

James Levy, Chairman of Republicans Abroad in Spain.  A long resident of Madrid, Mr. Levy has been a successful investment advisor to leading Spanish business owning families for the past twenty years, having worked first at the Madrid office of Merrill Lynch. Since 2005, Mr. Levy runs one of the most important RA chapters overseas with a large following on FB. He is frequently invited by the Spanish media (TV-Radio-Print) to discuss American politics. According to Mr. Levy, the reaction in Spain to Libya’;s turmoil is somewhat subdued…very quiet, [viewed]with concern and fear of upsetting the dictator… Interestingly, in today’s  daily ABC editorial, the dictator Gaddafi is labeled as a socialist who, in his day, supported/sympathized with the Basque terrorist group ETA and at one time counted with the friendships of former Spanish socialist Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, and other European leaders…

Segment 2:

Backroom Politics with Ralph Winnie Jr. and friends

Segment 3:

Backroom Politics with Ralph Winnie Jr. and friends

Segment 4:

Free Congress Society with Ralph Winnie Jr. and Justin Russell